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We Know Training

We offer in-depth

Trainings & Programs

to a wide variety of audiences

We Know Training

We offer in-depth
Trainings & Programs

to a wide variety of audiences

Global Interdisciplinary Training Organization

Drug Success Training Alliance has been a global interdisciplinary training organization since 2012.

Since the start of the company, the Drug Success Training Alliance has grown into numerous in-depth trainings and programs to a wide variety of audiences. Drug Success Training Alliance trainers have a long history of delivering training to pharmaceutical companies staff, health professionals and patient advocates. The demand from the sector for in-depth training has significantly increased and as a result Drug Success Training Alliance has developed an unrivalled reputation as a training provider of choice.

The sector needs to continue to provide strong training foundations and skills for a growing workforce; along with diverse training opportunities for professionals working with these drugs and patients whose life depend on these drugs.

We can help with our training, short courses and flexible delivery options. Drug Success Training Alliance can also offer support for new Cancer Drugs Leaders as they grow in their roles and responsibilities.


Our facilitators are highly qualified, with many years of experience. Their professionalism and passion is evident in their training and they invest in their learners to ensure that after each training participants are skilled and confident.

Training Budget Solutions

Budget for training and staff backfill costs is a constant pressure on organizations.

Drug Success Training Alliance understands these pressures. We offer:

  • cost effective, high quality online learning options including a library of courses, webinars and online resources.
  • blended learning which is a high quality, time and cost effective option, incorporating best practice of face to face training for practical skill development
  • solutions to cut down on administration
  • an understanding of funding opportunities

Consultancy and Customized Training

Drug Success Training Alliance works with you to deliver customized training and consultancy services to meet the specific needs of your staff – at your venue or ours.

Online learning

Drug Success Training Alliance offers interactive learning opportunities for all Drug Success Stakeholders.

An online learning environment allows us to offer dynamic and engaging content, interaction and activities that can be accessed where and when it suits you.

We understand the needs of our sector and consider the cost and time constraints of a busy and mobile workforce.