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Now it is your turn to remove organizational limitations

Are you dreaming off a shared facility that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training on Ultimate Oncology Drug Success with special attention to immuno-oncology & targeted therapy in cancer?

Then continue reading because Chris can help.

Ultimate Oncology Drug Success

“After all these years in this area I have learned one thing: I can train policymakers, directors, CEO’s, product specialists, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and patient advocates separately from each other over and over again, but if the gained knowledge is not embedded in the organization, this does not make any sense at all. This is like mopping the floor while leaving the tap open.

If you really want to be successful and make big moves, you will train your entire team at the same time – together – in your own organization. That will bring you Ultimate Oncology Drug Success.”

Bridge the gap

between cancer medication burden and cancer treatment success

For Whom?

For all oncology leaders in the Oncology Drug Chain: 

researchers, clinicians, industry partners, patient advocates, FDA, EMA, insurance companies, patient advocates and many more who are ready to accelerate their Adverse Event Expertise.

What the Event is about:

A 2-day interdisciplinary event on your location. 

You will build a thorough Adverse Event Foundation from where you easily can strengthen your Center of Excellence.

Day 1:

Module 1: Adverse Event Foundation

We start the event with those who want to dig deep into the adverse event management in a structured, effective way.

Module 2: Main Module – Success Strategies

All involved disciplines will attend this module and will learn in a Bird's Eye View about effective adverse event management with special attention to immuno-oncology and targeted therapy, but Chris will also address chemo-, radiation-, and hormone therapy- associated adverse event management.

First, Chris will share her key topics:

  • Boost Oncology Drug Success by cultivating 7 Success Habits and
  • Accelerate Drug Success by applying 5 Success Elements

Second, you will generate your organization specific Strategic Plan with help from Chris. What works well, what can be improved easily? When do you refer to whom? Why? Are there sufficient tools available to work in a structured manner? What kind of resources do you need? Can Chris help?

Crucial for your outcome of this 2-day event is that at least one delegate of all involved disciplines attend this module: Chris’s key topics AND strategy session. 

Day 2:

Module 3: A Structured Adverse Event Approach

Deepening and embedding of the learned material of the first day.

Participants can join the sessions that are worthwhile for them and leave when session starts wherein topics are discussed that are not of their interest. Chris will discuss her cases. If you want to get the most out of this module, simply submit your cases on beforehand to Chris so she can discuss them during the training. After participating in this module, you will see the adverse event approach pattern and you are able to apply the 6 step TARGET strategy with ease. When not otherwise requested, the topics will be:

  • Dermatological reactions
  • Oral reactions
  • Mucosal reactions
  • Cardiac reactions
  • Miscellaneous reactions
  • Adverse Event Approach Infrastructure

Module 4: Bridging the gap by defining your BEST Next Step

  • Defining actions for the upcoming year and prioritization of actions for improvement by applying a very simple and effective strategy. You will be surprised how easy every participant will find his or her best strategy that will support your Organization of Excellence the best.
  • Meeting close and Follow-up.

Why we have this offer for this ridiculous low price?

Because Chris is on a Mission.

There are 195 countries in the world today. Chris’s mission is that in 2025 in 80% of the 195 countries at least one Center of Excellence in Oncology Drug Success is operating. 80% of 195 countries makes 156 Centers of Excellence, which makes 19,5 new Centers of Excellence each year. For 2018, 10 Centers have already booked the ADVERSE EVENT FOUNDATION ACCELERATOR BOOTCAMP, and one organization in Italy has the Bootcamp in option. So for 2018, there are 8 remaining spots available.

If not YOU... who?

If not NOW...   when?

Our Offer

  • Chris’s ridiculous low fee for the ADVERSE EVENT FOUNDATION ACCELERATOR BOOTCAMP is €1,997.
  • You arrange Chris’s travel and stay.
  • The number of participants: at least 3; no max.
  • 2-day live event on a location of your choice.
  • Chris is 2 full days available for you, inclusive the evenings. If desired, Chris is also available for one-on-one interviews during the event.
  • Each involved department (max 10) will receive a hard copy of Chris’s bestseller The TARGET System, in which her proven adverse event strategy is described in detail.
  • Chris provides aftercare through the iAcademy. You can continue to ask unlimited questions about adverse event cases here.
  • Bonus: You get two free tickets for Chris’s yearlong Drug Success Master Mind, worth $24,000 p.p.
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Your Investment

  • You book the event for the extremely reduced price of €1,997 (exclusive VAT) for the entire training.
  • You arrange the event location.
  • You arrange Chris’s travel and stay
  • You and your colleagues spend two days actively with Chris and learn massive Drug Success Habits & Elements and practical tips.
  • You participate in the aftercare actively to ensure the implementation of the learned material.

Here is how it works:

STEP 1: Secure your ADVERSE EVENT FOUNDATION ACCELERATOR TRAINING seat with the button below.

STEP 2: Chris herself will contact you within 24 hours to set a date and discuss your specific requirements & needs.

STEP 3: You invite colleagues of your organization and send the contact information of the attendees to Chris. 

STEP 4: You book a room for the event and arrange the travel & stay for Chris.

All set.

How does that sound to you?


Then secure your seat here: