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Actually it is about YOU and Me:)


Hans Nortier, MD

Emeritus Professor in Medical Oncology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands

“Christine is a creative, hard-working, inspiring researcher in supportive care in hemato-oncology. She succeeded in establishing and developing her own research domain with clear future perspectives.”

Dorothy Keefe, MD

Clinical Ambassador, Transforming Health, Adelaide, South Australia

“Christine is an enthusiastic and talented practitioner in the area of Supportive Care in Cancer, particularly in the field of Targeted Cancer Therapy. She is doing very important work for the benefit of cancer patients.”

Dr. Frans Krouwels, MD

Pumonologist Spaarne Hospital

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

"Christine’s experiences, expertise and assistance provided me with a solid grounding in the evidence guiding the approaches and interventions she described and demonstrated, and practical considerations to enable practitioners to be successful. I feel well prepared to interact with my patients and to offer and discuss ways to help them achieve a quality experience."

My Vision

My BIG VISION is that in 2025 in 80% of the 195 World Countries at least one Center of Excellence is leveraging the oncology drug success of all stakeholders in the drug success chain and in all types of professions which enables them to support patients to complete the lifesaving and life-sustaining treatment as planned.

That’s a big vision… And creating a better world is more than I can do alone… but with the right, strategic leaders… we can make a difference… BIG TIME!

Join me in my Mission

My MISSION is to reach at least one hundred thousand oncology leaders like you and me globally and help to breakthrough performance barriers to leverage your drug success because most are stuck in “the way it has always been done” thinking, getting the same results, with a lack of true satisfaction and real results.

      So I help you to deconstruct the myths of old cooperation strategies, persuasion, and untreatable adverse events beliefs.

      Bottom line, I help oncology leaders like you to remove organizational limitations and fears using my 7 Pillars of Ultimate Drug Success that creates high converting drugs and an Organization of Excellence.

      Immuno-oncology & targeted therapy in cancer have my upmost attention.

I’m passionate about changing the way leaders like you use resources. My team of creative people share this ideology and are working hard behind the scenes to make it happen.


Are you ready to join me in my mission and leap the gap?

If not YOU... who?

If not NOW... when?


What others say about Christine:

"Highly Recommended!"
“Christine is a highly recommended person who can teach and advise you in the medical science world. She knows her patients well and gives them good advice just as she gives to the healthcare professionals she gives good advice in the oncology products they use for their patients.”
Dea Brouwer

Product Specialist Oncology

Roche Netherlandsome person - Company BV

"Great Partner!"

"I know Christine as a very scientific person who is attacked by the vicissitudes of (oncological) patients. I worked with her in the area of continuing education. The continuing educations of Christine are professional and well organized. Here is much room for the participant to pose questions. Great partner! "

Johan van Kampen

Field Market Access Manager

Amgen Netherlands